Main Line Capital Solutions offers asset, revenue, and cash flow-based financing solutions for both small and mid-sized business entities. For borrowers who typically need between $500,000 and $2 Million, we offer asset, revenue, and cash-flow-based financing options. Our Lexington Fund I actively invests in businesses seeking to grow. With flexible structures, we focus our financing expertise specifically to addresses this underserved market—so we can help you meet your goals quickly.


Who We Are

Main Line Capital Solutions is a business loan originator that makes short-term, personal or corporate guaranteed, secured loans to creditworthy small businesses and entrepreneurs. As a specialty lender, Main Line benefits from opportunities created by overly restrictive government regulation of federally insured banks. Because Main Line accepts no federal funds and is not regulated by the Federal Banking System, we can quickly provide capital for commercial, asset-backed loans to our creditworthy clients—so they can quickly seize profitable business opportunities.

Federal banking regulations often preclude small businesses from borrowing from traditional banks. While traditional banks can provide inexpensive capital, there are serious hurdles to accessing that capital. Even for small businesses that qualify, the slow process makes the use of these traditional banks unrealistic. Banks can take over 12 weeks to approve a business loan—and often prefer large commercial loans. This has created an opportunity for Main Line to assist small businesses. Since Main Line is not bound by unrealistic, cumbersome Federal or State regulations; our underwriting streamlines the application process—providing a deeper, more comprehensive view of a borrower’s creditworthiness.


What We Know


How We Work

Main Line’s senior executives have relationships with a nationwide network of mortgage bankers and brokers, private lenders, accounting firms, financial and legal advisors, and restructuring professionals. Our investment professionals, senior advisors, and operating partners generate proprietary deal flow for an underserved market—often uncovering or developing attractive investment opportunities before these deals come to the attention of intermediaries or other lenders. In addition, our team also has personal relationships with senior finance professionals at many commercial banks—as well as contacts at various regional investment firms, business brokers, accountants, and lawyers.

By being faster and more thorough, Main Line can outperform traditional banks in small, underserved commercial markets. Fast and flexible, Main Line can complete underwriting within 2 weeks of receipt of a completed application—providing great value to small businesses. Unlike traditional banks, we review each loan on its own merits. For qualified borrowers, Main Line does not have to conform to a standard profile. Instead, we can access the true profile of a borrower’s credit, collateral, and ability to repay the loan to quickly and thoroughly assess the true commercial profile of a borrower. The executives at Main Line individually have over 20 years of experience and a depth of knowledge of the underwriting process. Main Line will work with borrowers from brokers, banks, and existing clients—all of which allow us to provide high-quality personal service.


Where We Shine